Whether you are planning a wedding, organizing a photo shoot, hosting a special event, or styling an event, Peak Stretch Tents will work with your production team to provide shelter or a totally unique look to your environment that is as authentic as the western style that is rooted in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  From locations to florists to props to stylists and models, caterers and lodging, Jackson Hole has the resources to make the mundane into surreal.

When you think of Jackson Hole style vintage trucks, romantic barn settings, authentic western scenery, unique rustic furnishings, and some of the most unique architecture in the world.  From Nike to Ralph Lauren, all set within a two dramatic valleys.  Split by the sky-scraping Teton Mountain Range, flanked by the maze of the Snake River Range and with the Yellowstone National Park to the North, the Pierre’s Hole (Teton Valley) and Jackson’s Hole provide open space, drama and professional services for any events.

We love working with clients during our site location pre-event meeting, by insuring everything is smooth and flawless!  Peak Stretch Tents will offer your next event, shoot, or activity a totally unique look, with impressive features, backed by out professional crew handling pre-event, setup and tear down.