The future of tents

Folks in need of event tents for weddings, parties or other gathering now have a new option: Peak Tents.

And by new option, Peak Tents doesn’t just mean another business offering tents small or large for outdoor events, but a whole new kind of tent that is sturdy, flexible and interesting.

“The tent we have is different from standard wedding or event tents,” said Travis Eliasen, who recently founded Peak Tents with Brendon McHarguem. “It’s a big sheet of fabric, kind of like Spandex, that stretches. … We can create anything with it.”

Erected with ropes and a few aluminum poles, the stretch tents resemble a mini Denver International Airport.

“It’s got a modern look to it, you could say,” he said.

And unlike traditional tents, Peak Tents don’t require a level surface.

“You can pull if off a house, do it over a pool or over a rolling landscape,” Eliasen said. “They hold up super well in wind and weather” and are 100 percent waterproof.

And while it takes a bit of skill to put up, it sets up and comes down faster than traditional tents, too, he said.

“We’re one of the first people in U.S. to have it,” Eliasen said. “They’ve been developing it in South Africa for the past 10 years. They just passed legislation that allows them to be used in U.S.”

It was, in fact, the material that attracted Eliasen and McHarguem. McHarguem was looking for the ideal fabric for a canopy for a boat when he came upon this fabric, Eliasen said.

“We looked into the market around here and saw that there’s a ton of events going on,” he said.

In addition to event tents, Peak Tents also has had inquiries about awnings for restaurants and other businesses.

Eliasen calls it “the future of event tents” in the U.S.

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